What are you doing to ensure your callcentre delivers during flu season?

How are you dealing with sickness in your call centre? A number of our clients have asked us how other call centres are coping with this issue in the past few weeks.

Wintertime is upon us and it is always a challenging time for call centres to maintain an appropriate level of staffing to ensure their grade of service is met or their sales conversions are met.

Flu and viruses love the call centre environment and it’s often a fine line between encouraging staff to come in when they are not well especially when you are already short-staffed and under pressure or whether you bite the bullet and encourage them to stay at home.

The call centres that are dealing with this issue well seem to be taking a proactive approach. They know flu season is upon them and they have cross trained staff in preparation. They have kept these staff updated and their training recent by giving them a shift a week in the call centre, or they have transferred staff from outbound to inbound etc for short periods.

Obviously they have encouraged staff to have the flu injection and even paid for it, and they do not encourage people to come in when they are sick and if the sick employee does come in they are quick to send them home.

To ensure they have more staffing options some of our clients have temporary staff “oncall” who have been trained and can come in with a few hours notice. This may be staff from an agency like CallCentre People Recruitment or it might be staff who are on maternity leave or staff who have recently left the company to study etc.

What are you doing to ensure your call centre delivers during flu season? Please feel free to give us a call to see how we can help out.