Are you projecting the image that you want in the market?

Wow, what a change in the past 12 months it has been. The number of job orders has definitely decreased – that’s no secret, with the number of candidates continuing to rise.

Receiving large numbers of applications isn’t something new. For some of us that have been around the block a few times we remember having candidates coming out our ears with few places to refer them to only a matter of a few years ago.

Everything is cyclical, the housing market takes a crash about every 7 years, the share market about every 10 years and so on and so on, if you think our current times are unusual you only have to go back in the history books to realise they are not.

The large number of candidates coming in the door has led me to wonder how other recruitment companies are handling them. Are they treating their candidates with the care they did when candidates were hard to come by, or have they forgotten the past 5ish years and are treating them as just a number. It’s not easy if you don’t have the systems and processes in place, but our industry is all about people, so if you don’t have the systems in place, you better get them because you are losing business.

Put yourself in your candidates position, if you sent away your resume for a job you thought you were suitable for and never heard back, wouldn’t that leave a sour taste in your mouth. How many times do you give a candidate a time frame i.e we will be in contact within a week, and two weeks go by without contact?

Today’s candidate could be tomorrows clients and we should all be treating people with the respect they deserve. Why not go the extra mile by offering them some advise, tell them the truth and recommend improvements to help them in their job search. People do business with people and they are more likely to spread positive comments to their friends, colleagues or even when they do secure a role they may mention to their manager the good experience they had dealing with you.

Your reputation is only as good as the last person you dealt with.